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Many of you came to this site because you often felt that the world view presented by the media was incorrect. Often times, the stories make absolutely no sense, but people continue to believe the stories anyway. My question to those people is why? If you intuitively know that something is not right, why do you continue to believe the Mockingbird media?

Last November, after the fraud election, I sincerely began to question and doubt all of the narratives that I had heard about what was going on with the election. From an online news source perspective, the ONLY outlet covering the fraud was The Gateway Pundit. Their coverage was so accurate, that they got moved down on Google search results. In addition, the first thing that came up when searching for them was a disgusting Wikipedia article talking about how the news site  was "far-right conspiracy theories". Upon further inspection, however, I found their articles to be both compelling and extremely accurate.

As I continued my quest for truth, I stumbled upon what the media call the "QAnon" movement. I will not dwell on the details of that here, other than to point out that these are two separate movements that the media has portrayed as one. Q represents a set of military intelligence drops that simply asks people to question the narrative of the mainstream media, and provides helpful clues to jumpstart research into the counternarrative. The "Anons" are simply anonymous online patriots around the world who care about one thing: the truth. They do not get paid, they simply provide all of the information that they can to others. Their only goal is to wake up others to the truth, and they don't care about a reputation, money, or status. I ended up finding these communities so much more believable than any other mainstream media outlet. My reasoning for it was three-fold. The first reason was that their motives seemed pure and based on a genuine desire for the truth, especially because these people correct themselves when they are wrong. Second, they had copious amounts of evidence to back up their claims, which was a far cry from the lame stream media of today. Three, they were being attacked so hard by the mainstream media, that I could not help but think there was some substance to what they were talking about.

If you are reading this and wanting to know more, I highly encourage you to go on DuckDuckGo, and do some research of your own. Some basic topics that can get you started are:
  • Project Mockingbird (CIA/Media Collusion - all the way to local news channels)
  • Child Trafficking Arrests
  • Absolute Proof - Election Fraud
  • Chaos in DC - Our "Capitol" is a prison with thousands of NG in it right now - that is NOT normal
  • Ghana President's Speech (2/18/21) - he lays out EXACTLY what the wealthiest families in the world wanted to do to humanity in a speech to his entire nation
  • mRNA "Vaccine" - look into exactly what is in the terrifying vaccine funded by Bill Gates (who has recently been an outspoken depopulist)
  • Trump's Accomplishments and Executive Orders - In 4 years, Trump did more than any president in history. He lost over 2 billion dollars, and donated his entire salary to causes of his choosing
  • Origins of the phrase "Conspiracy Theory" - hint: it came from none other than the CIA
  • Wikileaks Documents - they have a whole trove of docs about how to spot a pedophile and signs of child trafficking
  • Telegram, Gab, Anonup - these sites are full of patriots eager to share the truth
  • - this a site containing all of the drops from the "Q" military intelligence personnel.
  • - go read the actual website of the CDC and see how OFF they have been about this virus hoax. The WHO, CDC, and "Dr." Fraudci have not gotten a single thing right about this virus - including inflating death numbers by 1600%!

The whole point of the Q + Anon movements were to push people to learn the truth for themselves, and to unite people, not divide them. I hope that in providing you a starting point to do some research, you can find the truth for yourself. I am not here to tell you what to think (like our media has done to us for years), I am just here to tell you to think for yourself. As I have done more research, I have discovered that my intuition has been right more often than not. Trust your instinct, and discover the truth for yourself. Realize that the truth is stranger than fiction, but those who have been waking up to the truth are realizing one common thing: governments want us divided and to hate one another (think republican vs democrat, Christian vs. Muslim). That is what gives them fuel to keep dividing us with ridiculous policies and antics. When you realize that we all have one common enemy (enormous, crushing government), then we can unite to stop their destruction of our lives.

If you do nothing else, cut the cord and STOP WATCHING THE NEWS.


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Great insight and I couldn't agree more on how the Mockingbird Media is all the same.  Rush used to have his News montage segments and would play about 10-15 newscasters talking about one subject.  They were on different networks, some local and some national, but they literally all said the SAME thing at the same time.


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Does anyone have any ideas on this?  Must be someone else out there using I2C on an S3 and needing to set an I2C timeout value?  How do you do that?  Or maybe you dont and it just works?  Any clues appreciated.